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Napo Wildlife Centre


The award winning Napo Wildlife Centre, is situated inside the Yasuni National Park, in Amazonian Ecuador. The lodge, which is 100% owned and operated by the local indigenous community, enjoys a stunning location by the side of a secluded lake, with an incredible bird list of 560 species, spectacular parrot lick's, and stunning wildlife including many species of monkeys and even giant otters.

The Yasuni National Park created in 1979, is situated in the eastern and central part of the Ecuadorian Amazon Region, a renowned biodiversity hotspot and one of the most species rich areas on earth.

Some obvious birding highlights include the world's largest and most reliable population of Zigzag Herons, frequent sightings of Agami Herons, virtually guaranteed sightings of all five kingfishers found in the Amazon, and wonderful mixed-species understory flocks and ant-swarm specialists.  Add to that the 51 species of antbirds, and you will understand why it is such a great birding destination.

Making a Difference
This award winning ecotourism project includes the conservation of over 82 square miles of the most pristine Amazon Rainforest within the Yasuni National Park, an important UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the largest tract of Tropical Rainforest in Ecuador. Its community ownership and management provides a sustainable model for other communities in Latin America to preserve their ancestral lands. Guests staying at the Napo Wildlife Centre directly support this extremely important conservation project.


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The lodge consists of 12 luxury cabins with a king-sized bed and one single bed, private bathrooms with hot water showers, private porches with lake views, 24 hour electricity, ceiling fans and secure screens for lots of insect free ventilation.

There is a large dining hall, library, well stocked bar, and a tower attached to the bar area.


On most excursions you begin paddling through exquisite flooded creeks in traditional dugout canoes to observe the biodiversity rich forest. From here you can take short (and relatively easy) trails through the forest, visiting spectacular parrot clay licks where hundreds of birds gather each day.

There is an easy walk to the canopy tower where you can spend a morning or afternoon watching birds, particularly enjoyed by birders and photographers alike.

Visit the series of Napo River Islands to observe bird species dependent on this unique habitat.

There is also the chance to spend time with the Anangu indigenous community which owns and operates the lodge, where you can join some families engaging in their daily activities, providing an insight into their lives and a unique opportunity to learn from their remarkable knowledge of the forest.


If you would like any more information or to chat over the details of the trip we would be delighted to help. Telephone Telephone01964 552292 for more information or emailemail us today.


Bird watching in the Amazon Rainforest

Over 560 species of birds have been recorded at the Napo Wildlife Centre, more than 1/3 of all of Ecuador`s birds. A vast and rich bird-life that can reward the most avid birdwatcher with unrivalled South Napo specialties.  

Agami and ZigZag herons are found near the lake and creeks, as well as all 5 Kingfishers present in the area. Visiting the islands in the main Napo River provides a fantastic opportunity to observe species such as Parker’s and White-bellied Spinetails, Lesser Hornero and River Tyrannulets.

Walking the trails you can hear the active calls of forest floor mixed species flocks and look amongst them for the large numbers of shy but beautiful Antbirds.

The Canopy Tower has produced some amazing opportunities to see Black-faced Hawk, very occasionally Crested Eagle, and Harpy Eagle in addition to several species of colourful Toucans, Cotingas and Tanager flocks passing through the canopy, providing close up views.

The Parrot Clay Licks are an experience that one would not want to miss, and the ones here are the most accessible in Ecuador.  Frequent visitors are hundreds of Cobalt-winged Parakeets, as well as Orange-cheeked Parrots, Scarlet-shouldered Parrotlet and several species of Amazons.

Saladero de Loros
The blind nearest the Napo (Saladero de Loros) is typically visited by hundreds of individuals of Mealy Parrot, Yellow-crowned Parrot, Orange-winged Parrot, Blue-headed Parrot, Dusky-headed Parakeet, and occasional White-eyed and Cobalt-winged parakeets. The blind at this site is huge, with plenty of space for upwards of 30 guests at a time, and even includes a basic bathroom. Access is a simple 50m walk along an improved path.

Saladero de Pericos
The blind in the forest (Saladero de Pericos) is typically visited by a thousand or more Cobalt-winged Parakeets. The noise is incredible! From late October through early April, hundreds of Orange-cheeked Parrots are also found in the mix, as are rarities such as the Scarlet-shouldered Parrotlet and occasional Scarlet and Red-and-Green macaws. It is almost certain that other small parakeets visit this clay lick, and new species for the region and Ecuador are just waiting to be discovered. [This is the site incorrectly listed as "La Selva" and "interior salado at La Selva" in The Birds of Ecuador (Ridgely and Greenfield, 2001)]. Access to this clay lick involves a 700m hike on an improved path with stairs and boardwalks where necessary. The blind itself will hold upwards of 20 guests and affords fantastic views. Birdwatchers will note that this is where one can find the famous "Manakin Trail" with 6 species of manakins.


If you would like any more information or to chat over the details of the trip we would be delighted to help. Telephone Telephone01964 552292 for more information or emailemail us today.

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Napo Wildlife Centre

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